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KOLIBRI ART Copyright Notice

I very much appreciate and very flattered that you like my work and you would like to use some of the photos of my artwork, but sometimes I am unable to give individual permission for each use of my work . So, please read the notes below and so long as you feel that you will be in compliance, please go ahead, and thank you for your interest and desire to use my images.

This site and its' contents may be used only for personal, non-commercial use. All worldwide rights and interests to images and content are reserved. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright, or other notice from copies of the content. Although the images on my web site are protected by copyright please feel free to use them in a non-commercial way (not for financial gain). All I ask you, please, to give  credit  the work to me and put a link to my web site on your pages.


I do not allow giving away, trading, emailing or selling any of my patterns, designs or images of my work, unless special permission given from me personally.

Thank you for your understanding!