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Newfoundland in heart

Double Newfoundland in heart

Newfoundland on the waves

Star with Newfie № 1

Star with Newfie № 2

Star with Newfie № 3

Pendant with Newfie № 1

Pendant with Newfie № 2

Newfie in movement

Newfoundland with the lighthouse

Newfoundland with the ship

Newfoundland with a seashells

Newfoundland in heart, oval

Christmas Newfie wreath

Newfoundland with roses

Guardian Angel with Newfoundland 

Basket with a little miracle

Photo Frame with Newfies

Business card holder with Newfies

Napkin Holder with Newfies

Candle Holder with Newfies

Newfie Santa

Christmas Newfie

Christmas Star with Newfie

Moon with Santa Newfie


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Best In Show ribbon with Newfie

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Clock  "Newfie time of airspace "



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Clock with Newfoundland










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Clock " Puppy love "